breakout session #1

It happened to me off-campus

Speaker[s]Eric Stiles and Lisa Winchell-Caldwell, Michigan Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence 

Technology Safety and Intimate Partner Violence

Speaker[s]Corbin Streett, National Network to End Domestic Violence

Mobilize Not Marginalize: The Importance of Centering the Margins

Speaker[s]Venkayla Haynes, Survivor Advocate & Community Organizer

Beyond Higher Ed: Amplify Your Voice to Prevent Sexual Violence in Schools

Speaker[s]Jamie Erdheim and Stephanie DiPonio Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health

Campus and Community Responses to Sexual Assault

Speaker[s]Danielle Hagaman-Clark, Criminal Division of the Michigan Department of Attorney General; Chief Brandon DeHaan, Grand Valley State University Department of Public Safety; Lt. Andrea Munford, Michigan State University Police Department;  Melody Werner, Michigan State University; and Amy Merkle, SafeHouse Center; Moderated by Angie Povilaitis, Michigan Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention & Treatment Board


breakout session #2

Transforming Communities: From Institutional Betrayal to Institutional Courage

Speaker[s]Rebecca Campbell, Michigan State University

Student Activism and Campus Sexual Assault

Speaker[s]Claire Plagens, Venkayla Haynes, Lorenzo Santavicca, and Kyle Richard; Moderated by Emilly Sioma 

“Who is getting it right?” - How learning from - and sometimes comparing yourself to - your peers can help end sexual violence

Speaker[s]Allison Tombros Korman, Culture of Respect Collective

Building Relationships with Athletics: We’re on the Same Team

Speaker[s]Jennifer Jacobsen, Macalester College


Speaker[s]Amanda Thomashow and Amanda Smith, Survivor Strong

breakout session #3

 - Program Demonstrations -

Media Aware:  An engaging and innovative sexual health promotion program for older adolescents/young adults

Speaker[s]Tracy Scull, Media Aware

Join the Culture of Respect Collective

Speaker[s]Allison Tombros Korman, Culture of Respect

The Michigan Men Program: Opportunities and Challenges Posed by Masculinity-Focused Interventions

Speaker[s]Jim McEvilly and Sebastian Capp, University of Michigan

Know Your Power® and Bringing in the Bystander® on Campus

Speaker[s]Jennifer Scrafford, Know Your Power


Speaker[s]Cari Robertson, Felicia Crawford, Alecia Chenault, and Miranda McDowell , Western Michigan University

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