breakout session #2


“Who is getting it right?” - How learning from - and sometimes comparing yourself to- your peers can help end sexual violence 

ROOM: 350

Building Relationships with Athletics: We’re on the Same Team

ROOM: 352

Transforming Communities: From Institutional Betrayal to Institutional Courage

Speaker[s]Rebecca Campbell, Michigan State University

Stronger Together: Building Strength in Community

ROOM: 301

Student Activism & Campus Sexual Assault

Speaker[s]Allison Tombros Korman, Culture of Respect Collective

Description: “Who is getting it right?” As colleges and universities struggle to address sexual violence on their campuses, this question is posed time and time again. While no one institution is getting it all right, there are many who are embracing promising approaches, strengthening their policies, and striving to create a campus community free from sexual violence. In this session, Culture of Respect senior director Allison Tombros Korman will discuss the Collective, a cohort-based program that brings together institutions of higher education who are dedicated to ending campus sexual violence and guides them through a rigorous process of self-assessment and targeted organizational change. Allison will discuss how participating institutions benefited from each other’s knowledge and experiences and were motivated to strengthen their own efforts based on how they compared to their peer institutions. 

Speaker[s]Jennifer Jacobsen, Macalester College

Description: In any aspect of sexual respect promotion/sexual violence prevention work, athletics is a key stakeholder in creating culture change. However, practitioners might often find it difficult to know how to partner well with athletics, whether it be getting a foot in the door, identifying our shared goals, decreasing perceived resistance, navigating stereotypes and biases, and/or even just making the time to get a meeting on everyone’s calendar. In this interactive session, participants will increase their capacity to collaborate effectively with athletics in sexual violence prevention/sexual respect promotion work.

ROOM: 310 B

Description: What do we mean when we say we need institutional “culture change” to address sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other forms of gender-based violence and discrimination?  In this session, we will explore different models of promoting broad-based systemic reforms, highlighting specific challenges in creating culture change in the wake of large-scale organizational catastrophes and institutional betrayals.  Drawing on her work with stakeholders in Detroit, Michigan after the discovery of 11,000 untested sexual assault kits (SAKs; also termed ‘rape kits’), and her current work with Michigan State University after the Nassar sexual assault case, Dr. Campbell will examine how we can promote institutional courage through values-based leadership, policy change, protocol development, training, and accountability.   

Speaker[s]Amanda Thomashow and Amanda Smith, Survivor Strong

Description: Our Stronger Together workshops teach boundaries, communication, and self care skills.  We want to give students tools for successful, healthy relationships and self empowerment.  Survivor Strong knows that a safer, healthier world is possible if we learn together, heal together, and work together, as a community, to end violence and abuse.

Speaker[s]Claire Plagens, Venkayla Haynes, Lorenzo Santavicca, and Kyle Richards; Moderated by Emilly Sioma 


ROOM: Auditorium

Description: This panel will bring together current and former student activists to examine the role that student activism plays in driving the fight to end campus sexual assault. The panelists will provide guidance to other students who are engaged in campus sexual assault activism and discuss how every student can be a champion for change at their university.

Counselors and support dogs are located on the 3rd floor in the
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