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Campus sexual assault is a long-standing and often overlooked problem both in Michigan and across the country. Many do not believe that they or anyone they know will be sexually assaulted,
or that sexual assault will be committed by someone they know.

It is common to think sexual assault isn't happening where I am, when in reality it can happen to anyone. The “Let’s End Campus Sexual Assault” initiative brings together university officials, students, law enforcement, stakeholders and legislators for a discussion on how we can inform students, empower survivors and bystanders, and prevent sexual assault on campuses.



Change the culture and discussion surrounding sexual assault.

Make Michigan a national leader in ending sexual assault among the college-aged population.

Encourage collaboration and bipartisan efforts to identify best practices in the fight against sexual assault.

Inform stakeholders, empower individuals, and prevent sexual assaults.

Sue Snyder

Former First Lady of Michigan & Initiative Founder

Former First Lady Sue Snyder has long been a supporter of Michigan’s families and children. As Michigan’s first lady, she dedicated herself to causes focused on the health, safety, and overall wellness of the state’s women, children, and students. In 2015, Snyder launched the Inform. Empower. Prevent. Let’s End Campus Sexual Assault initiative with the goal of changing the culture surrounding this issue in Michigan.


In 2017, Snyder convened a workgroup of topic experts to create a resource handbook and website for sexual assault survivors, family, and friends

In 2018, the former Governor and First Lady helped initiate Michigan's first sexual assault hotline that provides 24/7, free, confidential and anonymous counseling services to all sexual assault survivors. The former first lady also helped create Michigan's Campus Sexual Assault Grant Program, which has provided more than $2.5 million in funding for institutions to implement sexual assault prevention and awareness programming on campuses. 


Snyder is a graduate of Dearborn High School, and attended Western Michigan University with a focus on business and administration. Governor and Mrs. Snyder have three young adult children.